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Payment Difficulties

Fantasy Travel

If your online payment fails, please read below:


VISA and MasterCard in order to protect their customers during online transactions they implement an added security layer, which is called 3D Secure Verification. This feature requests the buyer to enter a personal code in order the online system to verify that the card is not stolen. The official name of this security feature for VISA is “Verified by Visa”. The official name of this security feature for MasterCard is “MasterCard SecureCode”

Fantasy Travel implements both of these security layers during an online transaction. So, if your card supports this feature, after the step which you enter your credit card details (Card Number, CVC, etc) and press the “continue” button you will be redirected to a website of your bank requesting a personal code (which is not written on your credit card). If for any reason you do not know this code the transaction will be failed. In this case you need to contact your bank and let them know:

  • that you are not aware of the “Verified by Visa” code if you are using VISA
  • or that you are not aware of the “MasterCard SecureCode”, if you are using MasterCard

Not all companies/online sellers support this feature during online payments, so it is perfectly normal that in previous online transactions with the same card, this code was not requested.

We, at Fantasy Travel, are trying to ensure that all our customers are protected during their online transactions, so we implement this extra layer of security to all of our online transactions.

More info about this security feature you can learn at the links below